Author Topic: [Modded] The Space Update (Pack Version 1.6.0a)  (Read 1562 times)


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[Modded] The Space Update (Pack Version 1.6.0a)
« on: July 04, 2017, 02:29:55 pm »
Hello everyone, just a quick heads up that the long promised Space update is now live on the modded server.

Space, Yet Another Frontier:
After failing to rub those annoying spots off their telescopes, our scientists have realized that there are planets other than the overworld! Unlike other dimensions these planets will require rockets to reach.

New materials must be discovered in order to create devices capable of withstanding the stress of the journey to these worlds.

The development of rocketry has also lead to a great leap in weapons technology. It is now possible to deliver high-explosive payloads to anywhere in the overworld within seconds.

  • Added Advanced Rocketry
  • Added Defense Tech
  • Added LibVulpes
  • Added new MineTweaker scripts
  • Server rules have been updated. Please check the rules thread for info.
  • Rutile ore only spawns in new chunks, so you'll have to explore to find it.
  • Rutile ore should process into Titanium. If you somehow end up with Rutile Ingots notify an admin ASAP.
  • Unfortunately it seems habitability of planets is mainly pressure based. Since the server's planet setup is based off sb_astria's planets, a decent chunk of the system is breathable since I can't just say there's no oxygen.
  • A second star system based on sb_spatium is included, however it only has the gas giant on the server. Single player users may enable the additional planets by using the extra-moons version of planetDefs.xml, included in the pack download.