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Vox Whitelist
« on: June 06, 2015, 01:05:51 am »
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Reason: I would like to be Vox as they look like such a fun species to play as and I would like to see how it is to play the game with something else other than human.
About Species: The Vox are birdlike organisms which are scavengers commonly raid stations and ships for supplies and hardware. They also have thick scales which acts as armor for them. They tend to only attack when numbers are in their favor, and if not will either run or attempt to bargain worthless trash to gather what they want. The Vox species can be divided, generally, into three groups: Vox primalis, Vox auralis and Vox apex. Due to the mysterious nature of Vox reproduction, and the complete lack of specimens from the three categories, much of their genetic and physiological compatibility and similarity are unknown. All three groups are known to possess cybernetic enhancement, sometimes to an extreme degree, and all of them are known to share at least one common dialect, designated Vox-pidgin, irrespective of their vocal capacity, distance from each other, and cybernetic equipment. The Vox have no homeworld. Vox society is encapsulated by their huge, moon-sized arkships and the Shoal. Each arkship houses a population of at least ten million to half a billion individuals, if not more. They're very large, very slow, and usually surrounded by clusters of smaller Vox frigates and barges. There are only around twenty of them in existence, and they collect names over the course of their existence. An example ship might be 'Rolling Vessel of Seeking Souls Built on Bones of Leviathans, Scarred by Sunheat from Fifteen Systems, Scored by Weapons of Lesser Foes, Taproot to Thirty Tribes, Host to Six Trees'. Understandably, ships are given use-names, such as 'Sunheat Leviathan' for the previous example. Poetry is preferred over meaning in a lot of Vox naming conventions.
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Re: Vox Whitelist
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2015, 02:06:40 am »
More info required: expand on culture, biology, and other details.
That's literally a copy and paste from the Baystation wiki. No, use the information you know.
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