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Server Outage
« on: August 07, 2017, 01:11:21 pm »
Update [12:00 CDT]: Everything is back again. Bringing all the servers back up.

Update [9:20 CDT]: A critical database for the TTT server is currently unreachable. As such the server has been taken offline.

Update [9:00 AM CDT]: Our host is still investigating the outage. This may be unrelated to our previous issue.

Update [11:23 CDT]: Something seems to have broken again. I am back in contact with support.

Update [9:03 PM CDT]: All servers are back online.

We are currently having technical issues with the server responsible for:
  • Spacebuild
  • Vanilla Minecraft
  • Modded Minecraft
I am working with our host to fix the issue.
Please check here for updates.
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